WP Leader: Markus Otto

WP2 will directly interact with WP1, ensuring collection of a common clinical data set from patients for whom we also have optimally processed CSF and blood samples, with the ultimate goal of generating well defined patient cohorts for scientific interrogation of the biological data. The subsequent use of these cohorts will improve the evaluation of potential diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, will distinguish different sub-groups of disease, will allow identification of indices of fast and slow disease progression and will improve our understanding of the pathophysiology of disease, thereby leading to the development of more effective treatment approaches. Ultimately, the established SOPs can be incorporated into clinical trials, to monitor the response of patients to the therapeutic compound. Here we will not restrict to classical protein assays but also harmonize and standardize our microarray technology to diagnose patients according to their underlying chromosomal and genetic aberrations, ultimately leading to an ALS profiler.