WP Leader: Jan Veldink

SOPHIA will for the first time establish a pan-European ALS biomarker platform that will act as an important communication channel between this consortium and other stakeholders across the ALS/ND field throughout the course of the project. First, prior to the optimization studies, specific input will be requested from major (trans)national ALS/ND initiatives, to ensure a comprehensive view on steps 1, 2, and 3 in the decision tree depicted below, and as a safeguard to ensure that the optimizations are in line with the wider ALS/ND field. This will avoid duplication of work, and will ensure maximum utilization of the outcomes by the wider neurodegeneration field. Second, the platform will be used to disseminate the results to the whole ALS/ND field. The platform will act as a permanent Interactive European ALS biomarker forum/website that will allow interaction with patient groups and industry, and that will act as a platform for researchers who wish to optimize/harmonize novel biomarkers according to the pan-European ALS methodology. The platform will provide SOPs and other relevant documentation for the European neurodegeneration research community.

Pan-European decision tree for selection, optimization and harmonization of biomarkers, biomarker assays, and sample/data management: