WP Leader: Leonard van den Berg (Barbara Thuss)

WP5 will lead the task devoted to the overall management of the project and the consortium. The Project Coordinator (PC) will be the unique interface with the JPND. WP5 tasks include:

  1. Responsibility for the distribution of information received from relevant partners within the consortium
  2. Communication and arrangement of consortium meetings and the preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes for each management meeting
  3. Planning and scheduling of different actions during the project's lifetime, including defining and checking consequences according to budget, scheduling and objectives
  4. Progress and cost reporting to JPND and for internal communication within the project
  5. Monitoring, control and quality management to ensure that all project objectives are achieved within the work plan time and resource constraints. It will guarantee the effective and efficient progress of work.
  6. Risk analysis, preparation and management of contingency plans
  7. Assessment of deliverables
  8. Coordinate establishment of rules for the access and exploitation of the pre-existing knowledge of the individual partners and of the results obtained so far together with the SOPHIA Executive Board. This task is strictly related to the implementation and maintenance of the Consortium Agreement signed between the project partners defining and implementing technical, managerial, financial and IPR related provisions to enable partners to carry out their work. All other ethical issues (e.g. informed consent, data protection), and legal issues (e.g. handling of intellectual property rights (IPR), patenting, etc), will be dealt with according to national regulations.